Get Paid

I want to pay you Bitcoin  for sharing the Forbidden Bitcoin website, including my free Bitcoin puzzles, the novel, and the Lifetime Membership. It’s free, fast, and easy to join. No approval process! Everyone is accepted!

All you need is …

  1. Bitcoin address to receive payment. Get this free in any Bitcoin wallet.
  2. A free affiliate link. Create your affiliate link below using your Bitcoin receiving address (so you can get paid).
  3. Send people to your affiliate link.

That’s it! I will automatically pay my best affiliates each week for sending good quality traffic. Poor quality traffic earns nothing for me and you. This program is super simple and easy.

About this program …

  • Open to all countries
  • Open to all people
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Weekly payments
  • Pays on a wide range of factors (not just sales)

This program also has …

  • No application or sign-up process
  • No account required
  • No proof of ID required
  • No identity tracking
  • No limits on earnings
  • No long delays on payouts

Affiliate Link Builder

Use this affiliate link builder to get your affiliate link.

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Send People to Your Link

Those who send the best quality traffic will get paid a portion of my affiliate fund each week. But, how can you get good quality traffic to visit your affiliate link? Here are a few ideas …

  • Try searching Google for “bitcoin advertising” and “affiliate link promotion”.
  • Make videos for YouTube.
  • Blog about Forbidden Bitcoin and give your link.
  • Tweet your link on Twitter.
  • Share your link on other social media.
  • Send friends to your link.
  • Attach your affiliate link as a footer in forum posts (where allowed).
Terms and Conditions: By creating an affiliate URL (above) and sending traffic to it, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you disagree, or if these conditions are not allowed in any legal jurisdiction under which you live, you are forbidden from participating in this program. You agree that, aside from these terms and conditions, all aspects of this affiliate program are voluntary, informal and legally non-binding. You agree that, in the event you are unsatisfied with your compensation, there is no recourse other than to discontinue your participation. You agree that you are fully responsible for reporting and paying your own taxes since I will not know who you are.