Chapter 3 — The Director

The Director reread the message. A call tonight, he thought. This doesn’t bode well. He felt a twinge deep in his gut.

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Free Puzzle 1

Below is the video for Free Puzzle 1. The video is only 16 seconds long — think you can solve it? The bounty is 0.001 Bitcoin (about US$6.30 at the time I created the puzzle). The private key to the bitcoin is locked inside the puzzle.

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Chapter 2 — A Message

He who fights with monsters should beware that he himself does not become a monster—for when you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Aidan took a deep breath and straightened up. He’d been hunching. For how long? he wondered. His back hurt. Hours had passed. With the intrusion analysis complete, and Doug occupied, he let his mind go for a minute.

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Welcome Members!

As a member, you will get access to the solutions for every puzzle I release. But, your solutions will not be found as a download link in My Account (like people who buy single solutions). Instead, you should look at the blog posts when I release each puzzle. These posts will include a special area that is only visible to members when you are logged in.

Because you will get the solutions, you don’t have to solve each puzzle. All you have to do is wait for passwords to be released. Tired of waiting? Want faster password releases? Tell a friend about Forbidden Bitcoin. Remember, puzzles are free to play. No purchase is required. But, each time a puzzle’s solution sells out of stock, I will release the password for that puzzle soon after.


Chapter 1 — Pointless

The thought of suicide is a great consolation: in that way one gets through many a dark night.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

The bomb suit hung heavy as Aidan advanced through each security checkpoint guarding the path to his cubicle.

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Social Bounties

You want to get your hands on some Bitcoin, whilst I want you to share Forbidden Bitcoin. Is there a common ground? Possibly. I’m willing to give Bitcoin bounties to people who socially share Forbidden Bitcoin. But, it all depends.

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Read Chapters

I will post most of the novel — free to read — in the blog. Starting with Chapter 1, all the way up to chapter 108. I plan to post a new chapter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can subscribe to get email alerts of my blog posts.

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MDP Updates

As time goes on, I will post updates for the Million Dollar Puzzle (MDP) right here in the blog category: MDP Updates. Remember, buyers of the novel get guaranteed access to the last half of the Million Dollar Puzzle when it’s released.

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Free Puzzles

I will be posting a string of free Bitcoin puzzles to the blog category: Free Puzzles. They are puzzles of my own design. For icons, they use the wonderful icon font, Lindua, by Vect. Each puzzle will contain a Bitcoin bounty funded by sales of my novel. If you can solve these puzzles first, you can steal any Bitcoin they contain. That’s right, steal!

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Chapter Puzzles

What are Chapter Puzzles?

Chapter puzzles are similar to my basic free Bitcoin puzzles, but more difficult to solve. I create chapter puzzles by first hand-picking interesting or relevant words from each chapter. I then plug my selected words into a puzzle, replacing some of the default puzzle words. Maybe a few words. Maybe a lot. The more I replace, the more difficult the puzzle becomes.

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