Free Puzzle 1

Below is the video for Free Puzzle 1. The video is only 16 seconds long — think you can solve it? The bounty is 0.001 Bitcoin (about US$6.30 at the time I created the puzzle). The private key to the bitcoin is locked inside the puzzle.

The puzzle is free to play. Don’t know how to solve it? Too busy? You can buy the solution here. I will openly release the password for everyone on Twitter once the remaining stock of solutions is sold out. Want the password sooner? Share Forbidden Bitcoin with a friend. Once I release the password, everyone with the solution can race to sweep and steal the Bitcoin it contains.

Members Only

[wcm_nonmember]In this area, members get the solution (decoded ciphertext) to the puzzle. Already a member? Please log in. If not, you can definitely get access! Purchase a membership here.[/wcm_nonmember][wcm_restrict]As a member, you don’t have to solve the puzzle. The decoded ciphertext is: