Chapter Puzzles

What are Chapter Puzzles?

Chapter puzzles are similar to my basic free Bitcoin puzzles, but more difficult to solve. I create chapter puzzles by first hand-picking interesting or relevant words from each chapter. I then plug my selected words into a puzzle, replacing some of the default puzzle words. Maybe a few words. Maybe a lot. The more I replace, the more difficult the puzzle becomes.

I will post chapter puzzles in the blog, in the category: Chapter Puzzles. You can bookmark that link, or even better, subscribe to get email alerts each time I blog post.

When I post puzzles with a password, it will be a mad race to solve the puzzle and steal the bounty. But, when I withhold the password, you get more time to solve the puzzle, then when I do post the password, the race is on. If that’s not clear enough, it will make more sense as you begin competing for the bounties.

Want puzzles sooner? Novel sales grow puzzle bounties. So, please buy the novel and share Forbidden Bitcoin with people you think may like it. Thanks!