Social Bounties

You want to get your hands on some Bitcoin, whilst I want you to share Forbidden Bitcoin. Is there a common ground? Possibly. I’m willing to give Bitcoin bounties to people who socially share Forbidden Bitcoin. But, it all depends.

My social bounty “program” is going to be fairly random. No guarantees. Here’s how I see it working.

Your part

You share Forbidden Bitcoin in a public way. You post something positive (and genuine). Maybe you post something big, that gets people’s attention. Maybe you post a tutorial on how to solve my free puzzles. Maybe you act out the entire novel with characters formed from old chewing gum in a stop-motion film produced with a 4-year-old iPhone. I don’t know. But, it better get a lot of attention. Also, if you hope to get a bounty, you must include your Bitcoin receiving address (either text or QR code) as part of your social project.

But, how do you get my attention? Maybe you use hashtag #ForbiddenBitcoin. Again, I don’t really know. That’s your job. Get creative, but stay legal.

My part

I will be periodically looking to see what crazy and inventive things people are doing to share Forbidden Bitcoin out on the global interwebs. So, if I have enough Bitcoin “slush fund” on hand, and I actually notice you have been sharing Forbidden Bitcoin, I may send some Bitcoin your way. I will also post it here in the blog category Social Bounties for everyone to see.

Who is this for?

Don’t like getting attention? Then this isn’t for you. This is for people who like being the center of attention — those who desire immortal fame.