MDP Updates

As time goes on, I will post updates for the Million Dollar Puzzle (MDP) right here in the blog category: MDP Updates. Remember, buyers of the novel get guaranteed access to the last half of the Million Dollar Puzzle when it’s released.

The MDP bounty grows with novel sales, so please buy the novel and share Forbidden Bitcoin with people you think will like it! If you’re socially inclined, consider checking out my Social Bounties scheme for a shot at getting more Bitcoin, and just maybe … immortal fame.

Members Only

[wcm_nonmember]In this area, members get the solution (decoded ciphertext) to the MDP Part 1. Already a member? Please log in. If not, you can definitely get access! Purchase a membership here.[/wcm_nonmember][wcm_restrict]As a member, you don’t have to solve the MDP Part 1. The decoded ciphertext is: