Free Puzzles

I will be posting a string of free Bitcoin puzzles to the blog category: Free Puzzles. They are puzzles of my own design. For icons, they use the wonderful icon font, Lindua, by Vect. Each puzzle will contain a Bitcoin bounty funded by sales of my novel. If you can solve these puzzles first, you can steal any Bitcoin they contain. That’s right, steal!

I’m not giving, you’re taking

I will create and release a series of free Bitcoin puzzles. My goal isn’t to freely give away Bitcoin. I value it too highly to give it away freely. No. You have to work for it — by solving a puzzle. And I’m not giving it away. After you solve a puzzle, you have to steal the Bitcoin if you want it. Because of how Bitcoin works, only one person will manage to steal the Bitcoin from each puzzle.

Once you solve the puzzle, you will have the Bitcoin private key. From there, all you have to do is sweep the Bitcoin into a Bitcoin wallet you control. Don’t know what sweeping is? How sad for you. Maybe, if you really want this Bitcoin, you should search online and figure it out. (Hint: Coinomi wallet for Android has a sweep function. That’s just one option, and by no means an endorsement.)

How do puzzles work?

Ahhh. I have debated whether to explain this at all. I think you should have to figure it out. But, eventually someone will spill the beans on YouTube, or somewhere online. So, why not?

Here are a few pointers:

  • In the top-left, you’ll see a huge block of mostly icons, which starts with (U2FsdGVkX1…). Let’s call this the “icon block”.
  • Your goal is to decode each icon in the icon block. Each icon can only become one of the following: an uppercase English letter (A-Z), a lowercase English letter (a-z), a number (0-9), a slash (/), or a plus (+).
  • To help with that goal, look directly below the icon block. There you will find large icons, each with a small group of icons below it. Ugh. Too much work. I won’t explain how this works right now. I’m seriously exhausted from creating these puzzles. But, anyway there are 64 of these icon “words” to help you decode the 64 possible icons.
  • Once you’ve decoded each icon, we move back up and decode the icon block. Plug in your answers to replace every icon with its correct letter (A-Za-z), number (0-9) or symbol (/+). Once you do, the icon block has become a ciphertext.
  • Take your shiny new ciphertext and plug it into the “Working Area” of the The Cryptor, also plug in the password, then hit Decrypt. Boom! Done. You got it right, or you didn’t.
  • The password may or may not be included with the puzzle. If not, you will have to wait for it. I will give it eventually. Want to get notified of passwords and other stuff? Maybe sign up for email alerts, subscribe on YouTube, and follow me on Twitter.

Maybe I’ll come back and fill in more details later.