Steal My Bitcoin!

Forbidden BitcoinHi, I’m Ray Clark.

To promote my novel, Forbidden Bitcoin, I’ve created the Million Dollar Puzzle (MDP). Up for grabs will be $1M in Bitcoin from novel sales. Yes, it’s real. Yes, you might steal the bounty.

But, the MDP is the endgame — “the big one”. Before it, I’ll release free Bitcoin puzzles you can use to hone your puzzle cracking skills and steal some bitcoin … if you’re fast enough.

27 Aug 2018 — The MDP bounty has grown to:

$1,382 of $1 Million

The First Half

Below is the first half of the Million Dollar Puzzle. Solve it, and you’re halfway to the $1 Million bounty. Save your solution! You’ll need it for the last half of the MDP.

And then?

While we wait for the bounty to grow …

  • Free puzzles. Try to steal Bitcoin as you practice for the last half of the MDP. Subscribe below for free puzzle alerts.
  • Read chapters. I will post chapters to the blog — free to read.
  • Get the novel. As a buyer of the novel, you get the whole story, plus guaranteed access to the last half of the Million Dollar Puzzle the moment it’s released.
  • Chapter puzzles. Bigger bounties and more difficult than my basic puzzles, but just as free to play.
  • Spread the Love! Your sharing — bringing more novel buyers — fuels the MDP bounty and this entire project.

Rinse and repeat until the MDP bounty reaches $1M.

The Last Half

When the MDP bounty grows to at least US$1 Million, I will release the last half of the Million Dollar Puzzle. At that moment, you can race to solve it and steal the bounty. To unlock it, you will need your solution from the first half of the MDP.

About the Novel

The story is set in the near future on a world much like ours. It presents a semi-satirical look at humanity, impending technology, centralization vs. decentralization, and of course, Bitcoin. Interested? Follow the links in the next section.

Get the Novel

I will gradually post most of the novel — free to read — in the blog. But as a buyer, you get the full novel and guaranteed access to the last half of the MDP (when it’s ready). Get the novel now on Amazon or pay with Bitcoin in the Forbidden Shop.

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Spread the Love!

Only sharing brings more free puzzles and faster arrival of the last half of the Million Dollar Puzzle. So, switch off your anti-social tendencies for a minute 😉 and use the icons below to share Forbidden Bitcoin with people you think may like it. Thanks!